Saturday, March 27, 2010


Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred  minutes. How do you measure a year? How about 3 years? How about love?

I wonder what had happened to us. I thought it was all good but then, maybe I was wrong. Because all we have now is hurting each other. Pride. Blame. Issues that are just carried over and over again. Can't we stop, hurting each other? Making each other cry and breaking each other's heart and worst, tearing each other apart. God knows, I've tried so hard to understand you but I also need to be understood by YOU.

I've been holding for so long because I am not that selfish person that will just hang you up in the air. For the most part, I'm thinking of you that's why I'm holding on even wounded and bruised by so many pains this love affair had brought. I don't want to hurt you, to leave you nor abandoned you because you only have me but you are pushing me away. So far away and I'm hurt. So hurt. We don't meet halfway. I'm giving you all the chances in the world, all the chances for you to give me reason to still hold on. Why can't you see? I'm losing my grip and it's all up to you.

Tell me, when should I stop? When should I let go? When should this pain stop? When should your pain stop? Tell me. Am I gonna stop dreaming for us? Am I gonna stop trying for us? How am I supposed to grow old with you? Being WITH you, does not mean the physical presence so you are wrong in saying Im not with you because I AM. How about you, are you WITH ME?

When should I STOP fighting? When should I STOP hoping? When should I STOP so that I might MOVE ON? Cause dadi, love just aint enough. SO TELL ME.