Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Stay on Track: a love letter

It seem so shallow but I'm happy that after 3 years, I've learned something new about you today. I never thought we had that same passion and dreams in photography. That was a surprise. I didn't think you'd remember that I hate teaching. I didn't know you love teaching that much no matter how you try to hate it. I didn't know that you gave importance to your students as well no matter how silly they are. I'd never thought you'd comment how ugly my penmanship is and you really insisted it's ugly (I know).  I never thought you'd share how you laugh at your students wrong grammar (prettied, strangy etc) and that made me laugh too. I didn't expect you could stay up late again talking with me on the phone and I'd missed that. I never even thought that you'd somehow share  your current financial status and how much you hate taxes deduction. I hate it too.

I'd never thought I'd know you more and I want to know you better.


It feels good to talk to you with no arguments at all. That has been an amazing one hour we've ever had. It feels great to feel like this after the call ended. That wasn't the usual where I end up crying after our talks before. That was just different and I like that.

This could be a start of something new, of something good. We could start over again.We could make this through, me and you. Just keep doing what you are doing now. One more try for the sake of our love.

Let's keep the momentum. I won't lose my grip. Just stay on track. We'll gonna make this through. We can.

love lots,