Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Die Young

For over months now, I've been listening to this song by country singers the Band Perry entitled 'If I die Young' which inspired me to have this post.

"WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE". That is not an understatement nor an exaggeration. That is in fact, a FACT. We are all going to die. For some maybe sooner, for some maybe later.

Life span now adays is shorter than before. I have a grandmother (my grandfather's sister) who is now 105 years old. She still could hear well, could see well and most of all she still know me. I, who was born when she was about to be 80 and that really amazed me. Everytime I see her, I really get to ask her if she knows me and she never failed, not even once to recognize with a Big GRIN.

While there were those who live long, there are also those that die young. My father died at 54. My aunt and mother died at 59. Well, it's already a long life but it seems so short for me. There are those many that die young and I used to think when I was still a child that I'll die at 21.

What if I die at 21? Hahaha, I found myself asking. Then I start retracking backwards of my life. And I'll sigh and then smile. I could have missed a lot of things. I could have missed a lot of significant things that made me grateful for who I am today.

But the idea of thinking I'll die young made me that someone who treats everybody as if it's the last, that's the better side of it. It made me seize every day I have. It made me grateful. But since I surpass that 21-death mark, I almost forgot about living everyday. There were lots of worries, pressure, problems, sorrows and a big wave of of a roller-coaster ride of emotions.

Now I want to think again that I'll die young, maybe 30 or less. That way, I'll be able to go back to that "Carpi Diem" thinking cause for me:

"If we learn how to die and dying young, we'll learn how to live and start living."