Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I am...

My name is...

Rohya, translated in english as fat. That is F-A-T, i guess i just meant to be rohya at all. hehe. The name was uniquely created by my late beloved father, that is why I’m proud I have it. Though its rare and Muslim sounding, i appreciate the beauty of its creation. Here is the story:
When I was still in my mother’s womb, she was thinking of naming me “Glyness” (an equally unique name). However during labor time, when my father needs to register my name, he gave me Rohya instead. At the time my mother heard my name, she actually was shocked and felt dizzy (hahaha) because according to her the name is ugly. hmmmm. So since she can do nothing at all, she said “Ok, I guess we just have to live with it”. ( hmmmm).
According to my dear father, my name is woven from the last letters of my siblings’ names. I am the 5th child, that would make 4 letters from my siblings’ names. R from CresnaR (eldest bro), O from RodeliO (the one I followed), let’s leave H for a while, Y from CherrY (2nd eldest, eldest sis) and A from MariettA (3rd child).
Aside from that, a bonus trivia, my name also is an incidentally combination of the syllables of my grandparents name (Lolo ROgato Papa’s father and Lola Maria (sounding “YA”) Mama’s mother). By the way, these two grandparents were the grandparents I have who are still alive when I was born (sadly the both passed away Lola died when I was in grade 4 and Lolo when i was in 2nd year college). So ROYA was formed, from combinations (see how creative my father was) super!
My name is spelled R-O-H-Y-A which is by the way usually mispelled by people as Rhoya. Notice the letter ‘H’, that plays a big role there. So why did a letter H became part of that combo name ROYA? Well, the answer is the one which made me so happy with my name, the reason why my mother accepted the “ugly name”, the reason why I value my name.
The letter H was placed in the the center of my combo name making ROYA a ROHYA. To serve as a division of the masculine and the feminine (if you might see the RO represents masculine names (from my brothers and lolo), the same goes with YA for the feminine (from my sisters and lola), the beauty of how equally represented the ADAM and EVE in me. The wisdom of a man and the transforming power of a woman, I just find it very inspiring, the beauty of the creation of my name just as like nature loves symmetry.
Why H? Simply because H sounds like that, not so obvious but there. H according to the explaination they gave me stands actually for HEART, that’s why it is at the middle. The division it creates, is actually the division it links. Heart unites man and woman, basically the reason why I exist of course with God’s plan. My father sought the heart of my mother. More than that, they placed an H there to remind me to have that heart that they want me to be.
While writing this, my imagination soar high and low, of the memories I have from the significant people who became part and are always of my story. To my siblings, my parents, their parents and God, I commend YOU for giving me a beatiful name, a beautiful story that doesnt end here.
In addition to that wonderful name story that I greatly appreciate. About 4 months ago, a friend of mine (you know who you are) so genius to think of a possible combination of my name (not knowing the real story). He thought that my name was combined from two flowers. I was really amused when he told me because,never had I thought of that and he was able to think of that. He is just a genius (which by the way according to facebook, he has a cyborg brain). So, he gave me this — ROHYA = ROse + HYAcinth and i really love it.

My name is just a wonderful proof of how wonderfully and uniquely created I am. My name is ROHYA and I am ME.


Name Names


I am fond of giving other people names as much as I am fond when people give me special name. Of course, I am greatly, overly and undoubtedly satisfied with my beautiful name (see link for a related post  'http://rohyatarucan.blogspot.com/2009/09/reposting-my-name-is.html') but it makes me feel closer to a person when we have this so-called terms of endearment (not at all times for romantic reasons). This just levels up the relationship when we have  pet names or shall I say aliases.

This realm started when  I was in the excitement about the GLORY of the BYLINE during my journalism days in high school. I was a part of the school paper back, the copyreader in my junior year and the editor-in-chief in my senior year. Honestly, I was not the best writer then. It was hard for me to lead somehow but I made it and that was something I'm proud of. That was when I learned about having a pen name. My pen name was Hannah Cinco. Why? Because it is a palindrome (hannah), it gives me a little more of literature and I just love the name. Cinco is my mother's maiden name. and that's how it started.
High school years, oh my high years, every memory is fun (kay saya). (laughs). It is the time where one should identify oneself and belong to a group (some to mention are the socialites, nice guys, the neirds, the weirds, the mvp's, the shy's, the rebels and the one of everything group). I belong to the last one, the diversified group and we had barkada tawagan too. There was 'star', 'babe', 'sweetheart', 'sweetipie', 'darling' and I was 'honey'. We'll maybe because I had a boyfriend I called honey (mr vash the stampede) because I was hannah.  Also, I had an admirer who fondly called me 'magnetic eyes' (laughs) while he asked me to addressed him my 'sweet lion'. Whatever! Memories!
Life's constant thing is change. Some people come and some go. In my college years, well not in he first year yet but later, amazingly I was able to continue that realm. We were few in our course (as said to be a tough one - Applied Physics it was and indeed) so we were really bonded. I have endearment terms for almost all of them. I have 'Brad', 'Babe', 'Ga', 'D', 'Gam', 'Dai or Hon', 'Freeze', 'Rain', 'Judy Abott', 'Krung2' and 'Bes'. The next relationship I entered we call each other 'ate' and 'kuya'. I've been an 'Angel' to someone.
Surely, this give me distinction to each and every person important to me. To my mother I am her 'only hope' while I call her my 'wind beneath my wings'. And like some of my nephews and nieces call me 'yaya', 'antie', 'hantie', 'ma ante'and I am always 'ging-ging' to my family, relatives and close elementary friends. I am 'Roi' in the office or with some of my housemates now. In addidtion, I am 'R' to my 'Dee' housemate while I'm 'Roying' to my 'Aning'. (laughs - typhoons!!!). Somebody even calls me 'engineer' even though I'm not, another name is 'Ms. Fire' (like a beauty title huh).

I am 'dubz' while I call him 'lubz'. He said it was because of the sound of the heartbeat. lubdub. and we were one heartbeat. I am dubzy, he is lubzy. I am mommy, he is daddy. (moments of love)
Now, I proudly present my new pen name (not a pen anymore but a keyboard so is it a keyboard name?), okay, my blogger name. It is ROseHYAcinth in the house because over and above all these sorta names, pen or pet names, endearment or not. Above all the many aliases, within is rohya. no more. no less.
All of these comprise me being R-O-H-Y-A. Again, I am ME.