Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Name Names


I am fond of giving other people names as much as I am fond when people give me special name. Of course, I am greatly, overly and undoubtedly satisfied with my beautiful name (see link for a related post  'http://rohyatarucan.blogspot.com/2009/09/reposting-my-name-is.html') but it makes me feel closer to a person when we have this so-called terms of endearment (not at all times for romantic reasons). This just levels up the relationship when we have  pet names or shall I say aliases.

This realm started when  I was in the excitement about the GLORY of the BYLINE during my journalism days in high school. I was a part of the school paper back, the copyreader in my junior year and the editor-in-chief in my senior year. Honestly, I was not the best writer then. It was hard for me to lead somehow but I made it and that was something I'm proud of. That was when I learned about having a pen name. My pen name was Hannah Cinco. Why? Because it is a palindrome (hannah), it gives me a little more of literature and I just love the name. Cinco is my mother's maiden name. and that's how it started.
High school years, oh my high years, every memory is fun (kay saya). (laughs). It is the time where one should identify oneself and belong to a group (some to mention are the socialites, nice guys, the neirds, the weirds, the mvp's, the shy's, the rebels and the one of everything group). I belong to the last one, the diversified group and we had barkada tawagan too. There was 'star', 'babe', 'sweetheart', 'sweetipie', 'darling' and I was 'honey'. We'll maybe because I had a boyfriend I called honey (mr vash the stampede) because I was hannah.  Also, I had an admirer who fondly called me 'magnetic eyes' (laughs) while he asked me to addressed him my 'sweet lion'. Whatever! Memories!
Life's constant thing is change. Some people come and some go. In my college years, well not in he first year yet but later, amazingly I was able to continue that realm. We were few in our course (as said to be a tough one - Applied Physics it was and indeed) so we were really bonded. I have endearment terms for almost all of them. I have 'Brad', 'Babe', 'Ga', 'D', 'Gam', 'Dai or Hon', 'Freeze', 'Rain', 'Judy Abott', 'Krung2' and 'Bes'. The next relationship I entered we call each other 'ate' and 'kuya'. I've been an 'Angel' to someone.
Surely, this give me distinction to each and every person important to me. To my mother I am her 'only hope' while I call her my 'wind beneath my wings'. And like some of my nephews and nieces call me 'yaya', 'antie', 'hantie', 'ma ante'and I am always 'ging-ging' to my family, relatives and close elementary friends. I am 'Roi' in the office or with some of my housemates now. In addidtion, I am 'R' to my 'Dee' housemate while I'm 'Roying' to my 'Aning'. (laughs - typhoons!!!). Somebody even calls me 'engineer' even though I'm not, another name is 'Ms. Fire' (like a beauty title huh).

I am 'dubz' while I call him 'lubz'. He said it was because of the sound of the heartbeat. lubdub. and we were one heartbeat. I am dubzy, he is lubzy. I am mommy, he is daddy. (moments of love)
Now, I proudly present my new pen name (not a pen anymore but a keyboard so is it a keyboard name?), okay, my blogger name. It is ROseHYAcinth in the house because over and above all these sorta names, pen or pet names, endearment or not. Above all the many aliases, within is rohya. no more. no less.
All of these comprise me being R-O-H-Y-A. Again, I am ME.

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