Friday, May 14, 2010


In Corinthians, there is a passage about love stating that "love is patient".

I thought going home would allow me burst all the burdens in my chest to him. I was determined to get explaination, clarification and plans of what will happen next. I was determined to if not end at least start again. But when I saw him, I just realize how he needs me. And all my determination went away with just a hug. I aint selfish and I know seeing him that his going through a lot and I'm half the blame of it, I know. Our distance really has taken it's toll on him and he is just helpless.

I'm disappointed in me cause I really wanted to settle our differences and the gap but he said, Just a single hug from me will wash all his tears away. He needs me to give him strength, a friend, motivator, a sister. All his lapses, his shortcomings as a boyfriend, I forgot them all. I know, he had many shortcomings to me to the point where I felt he is unworthy of all my love and sacrifices and efforts cause I'm not getting them back. But I do understand him and I choose not to forsake him.

Now, I'll be patiently understanding him and waiting for him. I know deep inside he loves me, there are just some things or many things we differ but I'll patiently wait until God unveils what's in store for the both of us. I'll patiently wait and while waiting I'll be his friend, his family, his sister. I'll patiently wait until he sees what I see but If I get weary and if this won't happen, I lift it all to HIM.

Patiently, I will wait until he meets me halfway.