Wednesday, February 8, 2012


In memory of:
Amonio Hortelano Cinco.
Michaela Hortelano Inso.
Narcisa Cinco Tarucan.

Requescant in Pace.

These names above, they are dear to me and they have gone to rest already. Respectively, they are my uncle, aunt and mother. The common thing in them aside from their parents is the reason the die due to heart failure. It's in the family I guess or I believe.

Ti Mony, as how Mama called him, although I have not met him personally has been a dear brother to my mother. I would always remember that every novena we do, Mama never fail to pray for his soul. His family lived in Leyte but I have met my cousins. When he died, Mama together went to Tacloban for the funeral and burial and brought some photos back. That's what I can remember of him. He died of heart attack at 59.

Tiya Guela, she was a teacher. She was the nearest sibling to my mother as they live just one town away from us. I would remember me afraid of her because I thought she was very strict but Mama would always tell me to be close, bless the hands and mingle. I knew as sisters they love each other very much and Mama also treat her children like her own. I remember a photo of me when I was a kid sitting on a chair in Tiya's house. We, cousins have became close to each other too through the years. I went to her funeral and it was attended by a lot of people. She died of heart attack at 59.

Mama Narcing or Ma Asing, she is my beloved mother. The one where I got my looks as people would tell me that I am the carbon copy. She is a simple housewife and took cared of us her 6 children. To be able to help Papa in our livelihood, she opened a Sari-sari store before. She did not finish high school but modesty aside, she was intelligent. She was the one who taught our neighbors many thing. She once became a barangay councilor and a member of the credit committee of the cooperative of our town. She was a cathecist. She is not just the typical mother, she was my friend and a shoulder I could lean on. She was a strong woman who has been through a lot but kept on fighting. She died of heart attack at 59

I promised Mama, we would prepare a big celebration for her debut (60th birthday) on October 29, 2012. I know she was excited about this. I know she was fighting just to reach that milestone. I was excited for her too because that would mean she would break the record of her other 2 elder siblings who both died at 59.
But she did not made it, she did not fail I'm sure. It's that,her journey was made only until 59.

SAD! It is sad. we were almost there and she was okay or we thought she was. On her deathbed, she didn't even call for help. Not from any of her 6 children. That's how she loved us. She and Papa (at 54) died not on our sight. Not with the pain of seeing them in their last breathes. It is pain of missing them and not being able to do the things we wanna do together and not being able to see what I still could become and I don't know for how long this pain will be here but their memories. The memories of them lives in me, in all the people the have touched and the values they taught and their legacy lives on.

I do not know if I'd be able to reach 59 but I'll continue the journey until the day we'll see each other again in heaven and we'll be together again.
Lastly, Kudos to all of you for a job well done on earth.

Also in the loving memory of:
Maria Hortelano Cinco (Lola Biyay)
Fidel Gregorio Perez Cinco (Lolo Gorio)
Benita Gulben Tarucan (Lola Benita)
Rogato Maupo Tarucan (Lolo Gatong)
Cresenciano Gulben Tarucan (Papa Ciano)


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